Sunday, July 27, 2014

Paolo Bediones Video Scandal Storms the Web!

If you're a male public figure here in the Philippines, more often than not, your sexuality will get questioned but with an alleged video scandal of you doing it with the opposite going viral online? You can brace yourself for more questions.

Apparently, there's another storm brewing in the Philippines with netizens sharing TV Host, News Anchor and Celebrity Paolo Bediones' alleged private video featuring him and, from the screenshots, a young starlet. While no one has yet pointed out who the starlet is, we could somehow say that the guy in the video looks a hell like Paolo Bediones.

First shared in a file sharing site, Mediafire, with a file name 'cartoons.mp4', the video lasts for about 6 minutes. While writing this, the link is being shared throughout social media channels especially in facebook. It first trended on twitter but, you know how this goes. We've all seen this happen before. A celebrity amidst a video scandal? What else is there to say? It will be on the news. Then a few months from now this all will end.

Let's just wait for confirmations for the meantime. So have you seen the Paolo Bediones video scandal? Shut up! I know you did.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Vhong Navarro is back in Da Possessed Movie!

STAR Cinema continues its grand 20th anniversary celebration as it opens the second quarter of 2014 with the most hilarious and most out-of-this-world comedy movie of the summer season as Vhong Navarro makes a grand comeback to the silver screen in Da Possessed. hong is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished and most talented comedians of his generation. His contribution in the field of comedy consists of an impressive body of work that consistently broke box-office records.

The Vhong Navarro Franchise includes three of the most unforgettable and most profitable comedy films Star Cinema has ever produced with Mr. Suave (2003), D’ Anothers (2005),and Agent X44 (2007) – all directed by Joyce Bernal – to name a few. This summer, after 7 lengthy years, the long wait is finally over as Vhong reunites with Bernal in Da Possessed. This highly anticipated reunion of Vhong’s and Bernal’s winning tandem will surely make millions of Filipinos roar in uncontrollable laughter once again with the fusion of

Vhong’s down-to-earth brand of comedy and Bernal’s outlandish storytelling techniques as the film’s main selling attractions. Written by Athena Aringo-Tengco, Ays De Guzman and Antoinette Jadaone, Da Possessed is a joint project of Star Cinema and Regal Films. The movie revolves around the peculiar story of simpleton Ramon who attempts to venture into landscape art. Ramon falls for his sexy boss but conflict begins when spirits from another world start to possess his body thus igniting a series of whacky and riotous events. Loved for the highly identifiable “zero to hero” characters that he has portrayed through the years,

Vhong has endeared himself to the entire nation as the Pinoy equivalent of “everyman” whom every Filipino can relate with. Vhong’s potent mass-appeal was further bolstered in 2009 when he joined ABS-CBN’s groundbreaking daily variety show It’s Showtime as one of its pioneering hosts. “It has always been my philosophy to always be happy and I want to spread all happiness that I can through my work not just as an actor but as a dancer and TV host as well,” says Vhong. “I am both overwhelmed and overjoyed with the solid support of ABS-CBN, Star Cinema, and my fans. We worked very hard to make sure that everyone would enjoy Da Possessed. We should all enjoy life together and we should all laugh together.”

Da Possessed also marks the very first film of sexy star Solenn Heussuaff under Star Cinema. “This is definitely a major milestone in my career,” says Solenn. “It’s such an honor to work with Vhong, Direk Joyce, and Star Cinema in this awesome project.” Also starring in Da Possessed is an assembly of the country’s finest comedians and character actors as led by John Sweet Lapus, Empoy, Smokey Manaloto, Beverly Salviejo, Lito Pimentel, Joy Viado, Matet De Leon, Aaliyah Belmoro, and Joey Marquez. Da Possessed will hit cinemas nationwide starting April 19.

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