Sunday, July 27, 2014

Paolo Bediones Video Scandal Storms the Web!

If you're a male public figure here in the Philippines, more often than not, your sexuality will get questioned but with an alleged video scandal of you doing it with the opposite going viral online? You can brace yourself for more questions.

Apparently, there's another storm brewing in the Philippines with netizens sharing TV Host, News Anchor and Celebrity Paolo Bediones' alleged private video featuring him and, from the screenshots, a young starlet. While no one has yet pointed out who the starlet is, we could somehow say that the guy in the video looks a hell like Paolo Bediones.

First shared in a file sharing site, Mediafire, with a file name 'cartoons.mp4', the video lasts for about 6 minutes. While writing this, the link is being shared throughout social media channels especially in facebook. It first trended on twitter but, you know how this goes. We've all seen this happen before. A celebrity amidst a video scandal? What else is there to say? It will be on the news. Then a few months from now this all will end.

Let's just wait for confirmations for the meantime. So have you seen the Paolo Bediones video scandal? Shut up! I know you did.

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