Saturday, February 16, 2013

5 Useful Sites on Learning Something New

When you open your computer, fast forward, and you're about to type something on Google or any other search engine I'm sure you already have something in mind.  But wait, most of the time it's something you knew nothing about. Am I right?

Well if you're up to learning something new then I figured maybe I'll compile a list for you!

Here are the Top 5 sites I have personally used over the last few years that frequents my browser's history because I sure learn a lot of new things from them.

  • MakeUseOf - Probably the most useful blog out there that features cool websites and apps that will make your life go easier.  It contains a lot of tips, tricks and how-tos from all around the web.
  • All Recipes -If you're looking for something to cook on a Sunday evening or whichever day you prefer cooking then this is the site for you. You wanna be a better cook or your home's very own top master chef! Then they have the latest if not also the best of all reciped in the world. They wouldn't brand themselves All Recipes if they don't have it at ALL!
  • SourceForge - If you're looking for some cool website where you just want to download something for FREE. Then go visit and have a freeware or a shareware, or go on trial and save a cool free app on your computer. Get tools for your freelance, corporate or education! There's always a good NEW freeware out there.
  • Online Colleges' 100+ Google Tricks - In today's society you should be very well aware of Google and their great products and services. And while they're the fastest if not also the best out there, you will surely have a lot of time doing google stuff and you might want to save your time. Aside from actually learning how to use Google! This list of links out the best Google related resources you'll ever stumble upon. And that stumbling word leads me to the final site!
  • StumbleUpon - I'm sure you would forgive for leading you here via the search engine when you could gone directly to Stumble upon to discover something new. A new website. a new photo, just something so random but best suits what interests you. Stumble Upon is the perfect cup of tea for you! I wouldn't written this if I didn't stumble into a list just like this. But anyway, you'll surely learn a lot from just stumbling.
Now stop dawdling around these sites have a lot more to offer than this site. :-)


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