Friday, February 8, 2013

Tom Hardy Stars in Thriller Locke

After playing Bane in Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, actor Tom Hardy  is currently working on three movie projects namely Child 44, Everest and Animal Rescue while his next film Mad Max: Fury Road set to 2014 is now in post-production. But while all these upcoming films continue to progress, Tom Hardy has inked a deal of starring in a time-race thriller called Locke.

Here's the synopsis for Locke from the Hollywood Reporter:

Locke tells the story of one man's life unraveling in a tension-fuelled, 90-minute race against time (Knight will shoot in real time over 90 minutes). Ivan Locke has the perfect family, his dream job, and tomorrow should be the crowning moment of his career. But one phone call will force him to make a decision that will put it all on the line.

Locke is directed by Steven Knight who is yet to prove his talent in direction in the Jason Stathan action thriller Hummingbird. 

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