Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anne Curtis Wet Look Wardrobe Malfunction on ASAP18

Wouldn't it be nice to free yourself sometimes on your birthday? That's probably the lousiest thing I've ever heard but whether or not that was the intention of Anne Curtis for wearing a high-slit black gown that made her look like she had a wardrobe malfunction, I think it's not a very big deal at all.

I think it's enough to know that they deliberately made it seem like she's not wearing any underwear. I'm not saying that MTRCB should stop doing whatever they are doing now. I think they should do their work as well. Let's all just stop thinking about it and leave it to the parties involved. If you can't, then book for a wet look production at ASAP 18, hire  hire Boom Sason to make you a high-cut and you may or may not wear panties at all.

Anne Curtis sang Rihanna's Diamonds wearing the black gown with a high-slit until her song summons the cumulonimbus clouds and she's drenched in fake rain showers which is super hot!

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