Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Juan Dela Cruz Hits Highest TV Rating at 40.5%

I wouldn't go as far as saying that Juan Dela Cruz is a great series. For me, it had an unsteady but good enough start to wow everyone. And that alone, may be enough to get hooked with this TV series. It's been two weeks after its premiere and I must say things haven't changed. The production is still of high quality and the story just keeps on getting better. No doubt it has conquered in Philippine TV Ratings! 

Based on the latest data from Kantar Media last Tuesday, Juan Dela Curz was the no. 1 overall Philippine TV program with a 40.5% national tv ratings. It is almost 23 points higher than its rival program by GMA-7, 'Indio' which only got 17.6%.

Meanwhile, Coco was just about to discover about his real identity and the truth about Aswangs. Never miss the exciting adventures of the newest Superhero Juan Dela Cruz portrayed by the Indie and Teleserye Prince, Coco Martin.

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