Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goin Bulilit Audition Draws Thousands of Bulilits

Thousands of kids showed to the biggest break they'll ever get in the local limelight as tiny jokers in Abs-Cbn's kiddie gag show 'Goin Bulilit'. Held recenty at the Abs-Cbn compounds, the audition featured kids dancing Gangnam Style, singing of Sarah Geronimo's songs, acting out loud as characters in teleseryes, and of course, cracking some jokes and pick-up lines.

 On Sunday's episode, Goin Bulilit alumnus Nash Aguas will show the behind the scenes of the whole audition process which will highlight kids saying the darndest of things. According to Goin Bulilit executive producer, Nomie Merana, a callback for the shortlisted kids will be staged after this first screening.

Then, the lucky brand new bulilitys will immediately casted on the show and replace the kids who are graduating this month. Meanwhile, this Sunday Goin Bulilit will intereview Dr. Eric Tayag the Assistant Secretary of Department of Health for a funny segment Cute and A. Come join and fun in this Sunday's Goin Bulilit! (Ang Corny) Show starts after TV Patrol Weekend on Abs-Cbn.

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