Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bad Teacher's Principal, Miley Cyrus' Left Boob and Jennifer Aniston Wedding!

Hollywood News Wrap Up #1

So today is Hollywood Day, and we here at The Scoop Box is gonna for you a load more of Hollywood gossips more than what the local, third world offerings we usually have for curious Filipinos. And let us start by wrapping up 3 Hollywood gossips you shouldn't have missed!

BAD TEACHER gets A Principal 

If you are very well aware that CBS is planning to get Cameron Diaz' bad teacher film into the boob tube then you probably know where this report is headed! Yes, No, but yes, in the principal's office. And actor David Alan Grier (In Living Color) will fill in the shoe that John Michael Higgins played in Bad Teacher. And Bad Techer as you know it is a comedy that revolves around a promiscious and foul-mouthed teacher. Hilary Winston (Community) has been tapped to pen the script together with Bad Teacher screenwriters Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stipnitsky. 

Scooped from THR.

Image Credits: Celebuzz
Miley Cyrus Bypasses Wardrobe Malfunction at NY Fashion Week

She may have gotten your attention with her 2013 look but Miley Cyrus wants you to have another look! But not on her new hairstyle but right there under the fiery red jumpsuit as she wander about in the Big Apple for New York Fashion week. And the 20-year-old, donned a leather jacket! But wait. This jacket defeats the purpose of a leather jacket because she's actually waving around her cleavage and thinks it adds up to her punk rock fashion but no. It actually adds up to the hate her secret fans but haters have for her. And please remind me never to think of Justin Bieber when I see Cyrus' haircut. Just please!

 Scooped from Celebuzz.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Wedding Finally Coming True?

Well, the title says it all and when I receive my invite to their wedding I'd let you know! Seriously though, insiders reveals that Jennifer is trying to keep the wedding date a secret but it will probably be in the week or two after the Oscars at the end of the month.

Scooped from PerezHilton's ass

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