Friday, February 8, 2013

Angel Locsin on Folded and Hung Campaign!

Although she may not seem very busy lately in the boob tube, all eyes are for Angel Locsin on most of her other projects. Especially now that in the latest Folded and Hung campaign the actress shows off her cleavage!

Well this isn't actually a surprise since Angel Locsin have done more daring roles in the past, as evident in her films UnOfficially Yours and One More Try. She's also a frontrunner on most Sexiest Woman polls and even in FHM. So I don't see why people are making fuss over this simple promo material. But yes! Angel is sexy and everyone knows it.

This only shows that Angel Locsin is indeed the sexiest woman in the country even if it's only in an ad campaign of a clothing line. No polls! No Magazine pose! Simply Angel Locsin. The new sexy! :-)

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