Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lolong's Death Partial Autopsy Report - No Foreign Object Inside Lolong

The death of Lolong left the people of Agusan, the Philippines and the world in great shock and grief and some even asking for justice. Apparently, some suspected that the world's largest crocodile wasn't well kept. But finally we have some answers!

Philippine veterinarians conducted an autopsy of Lolong and clarified - to kill off misinformation and speculations - that there was no traces of foreign material inside Lolong. Meanwhile, head of Portected Areas and Wildlife Bureau said the the full results of Lolong's autopsy would not be known until the end of the week. PETA on the other hand, said in a statement that Lolong suffered and died because people wanted to make money off his captivity.

While Lolong's dead was a big loss to our country. The previous holder of the title World's Largest Saltwater Crocodile in Captivity is celebrating!

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