Tuesday, February 19, 2013

BB Gandanghari Scandal Video Surfaces Online!

Disgraceful, shameful, outrageous and shocking are only few of the synonyms of the word scandalous! And whatever it means to you, there's no denying that this video of Rustom Padilla kissing another guy is scandalous enough to be labelled a scandal.

Screenshot: This isn't hosted on this blog.
But wait, Rustom's dead. Thus, having a  'BB Gandanghari Sex Scandal video' uploaded on Youtube which we cannot share to you at the moment. But if you really want to see it please imagine MTRCB's classification rating SPG before doing so. At least, you have been warned!

You can paste this url [ http://youtu.be/jNUOZlpUurQ ] to the address bar and head over to youtube while they haven't froze a certain Tiu Paeng's Youtube account yet.

The video features 33 seconds of M2M kissing. Let me just make it clear to you, we don't know how the word sex have gotten into the title of the video. It might be implying what happens after the 33 seconds cut.

Watch it now! And say whatever you want - you can throw up or you can go and cheer him, them, her, whatever!

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