Sunday, February 17, 2013

'Safe Haven' Tops Box Office While Die Hard 5 and Beautiful Creatures Dies

Philippine Box Office offers nothing but the exact opposite of Hollywood Weekend Box Officer Report featuring two top contenders in the long President's Day weekend. If in our third world, Bruce Willis' fifth installment of action soared high in the box office, in first world America, Relativity Media's Safe Haven topped the charts because of romantic dates in the Month of Love.

 Safe Haven, the latest Nicholas Sparks film debuted at $8.9-Million while A Good Day to Die Hard dies about $0.6-Million at comparison with the former. And while these two aren't the only movies to be shown out there we'd speculate Beautiful Creatures to open with $15-Million. Safe Haven is starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel about a young woman falling in love for a stranger.

A Good Day to Die hard is directed by John Moore and takes the action hero John McClane to Moscow to rescue his son (Jai Courtney). Beautiful Creatures is starring Alice Englert, whose special powers as Lena Duchannes have long kept her separated from others. Aside from these new films, Escape From the Planet Earth will hit theaters this Friday and going to steal some millions from the three aforementioned films.

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