Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kidlat Villains Assembled!

What's not to look forward to TV5's Kidlat when our superhero has yet to encounter a lot of villains. Joining Vincent (Baron Geisler) in the evil side, Kidlat (Derek Ramsay) faces new super villains portrayed by Shaira Mae and Mark Neumann, Paolo Ballesteros and Valerie Weigmann.

 He first finds orphaned twins Francine and Francis who possess the power to produce fire and ice and becoming Frosta and Fuego. Also, Paolo Ballesteros takes on another feminine role as Warla!

A sort of drag queen darna with superhuman strength and impressive combat skills. Lastly, Valerie Weigmann takes on the role of Natasha Thorpe with a telekinetic power, knowledge of witchcraft and seduction.

Aside from these villains, Kidlat will still also have to fight Vincent’s lackey, Graba Man (Wendell Ramos). Fans of the show should also stay tune as Vincent develops a new weapon that promises to destroy Kidlat.

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