Thursday, February 7, 2013

Richard Gutierrez Stars in My Lady Boss

Richard Gutierrez started the year with a dark and sexy drama together with his girlfriend Sarah Labhati and leading lady Solenn Heussaff in Peque Gallaga's Seduction. A month later, he's up again for another movie with Marian Rivera who he has worked with in the past Valentines offering of GMA and Regal Films. Directed by Jade Castro, Richard Gutierrez will experience the terror of a lady boss in My Lady Boss movie.

Gutierrez describes his second film light and refreshing. In My Lady Boss, Richard will play Zach. A rich handsome and overconfident guy who will seek work experience in Evelyn's company. As a “lady boss,” Evelyn is sketched as demanding, tough, blunt, and uptight. While the two characters’s personalities and egos will clash at the beginning of the story, Zach and Evelyn will eventually fall for each other.

”My Lady Boss” is a joint production of GMA Films and Regal Films and is directed by Jade Castro. It will hit nationwide theatres soon.

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