Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sebastian Castro's Bubble Official Music Video

Anyone would probably raise their feet if asked "Who want's to see the Sebastian Castro's bubble?". And that, I mean, his new music video entitled Bubble which has now gone viral. Well, not really, but still from hundreds in a matter of hours the video got ten thousands of views. But to whether the raising of feet sounds appropriate or necessary when asked about seeing a bubble - you decide!

The real deal about this Bubble is it's stylish video with reference to Lady Gaga and probably the movie Magic Mike plus a twist of a sexy new dance chorus. But more than that, it brings back questions about Sebastian Castro's sexuality. He may have already answered that in one of his Youtube videos about Going Out. . .but until he didn't say it straight enough. But like most men, this - I'd like to use the word - cutie, might just need some vault for his passion in art, acting, singing and probably 'whatever you call that dance chorus'; And that's probably how this music video came to be.

Have you ever considered a Gentleman Gaga? What the...or shouldn't that be Man Gaga? Or considering the message of the music video, shouldn't we say Gay Gaga? Whatever it is, this rated SPG Music video works in so many freaking uh-oh levels. It deals about gyms, lockers, strippers, kneeling and that oh-oh feeling. I know, I know you can get pass all that but the upbeat and at times, sexy music kinda gets your head bobbing - alright! Admit it. The music was good.

The message or the story presented in the music video is clearly about a (gay) guy's first time - or losing his virginity which in an interview with Aliwan Avenue, the 22 year old Cosmo Bash 2011 model mentions. .
“I tried to recreate the feeling of losing my first time…losing my virginity… with 10 years in the making… I just wanted to make something so visually, musically, impulsive that would give anyone and everyone a glimpse to what it felt like.”
Well, that's quite relevant for Valentines. A lot of people will probably lose that today! Hahaha

So, what are you waiting for watch Bubble! For some reasons I cannot embed the video but you can go to Youtube and watch it there. But just in case you've already seen it, do you mind me asking, "did something just grew?"?

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