Thursday, February 14, 2013

First Look: Tin Patrimonio as Gabriela Silang

PBB Unlimited alumnus Christine Patrimonio tries acting in a historical indie film 'Gabriela' which is expected to hit theaters next year. According to Pinoy Movie Blog, Tin Patrimonio will play the role of no other than the legendary female icon of Philippine revolution, Gabriela Silang. The film is penned by Frank Rivera and first time director Carlo Norman Maceda.

Here's the first look of Tin Patrimonio as Gabriela Silang.

For those who don't have any inkling to who Gabriela Silang is, then you're not a Filipino. But joking aside, she is the wife of the great Ilocana leader Diego Silang who led his husband's revolutionary troops until she was captured and executed. She is one of the few Philippine heroine.

Kudos to the filmmakers behind this project and good luck to Tin Patrimonio to this big step forward for her career.

Diego Silang, on the other hand, will be played by Carlo Aquino. The movie is also starring Ricky Davao, Bj Forbes, Jeffery Santos, Rob Sy, Mara Lopez, Iris Lapid, Justin Pinon, Chris Michilena, Bon Vivar, Rex Roco, and Johnron Tanada. With a special participation from Jim Paredes and Arthur Solinap.

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