Thursday, February 7, 2013

Juan Dela Cruz First Week Run Gets You Hooked!

There's some dark irresistible magic the makers of Juan Dela Cruz has poured into the new tv series. A magic that made the Half-Tagabantay and Half-Aswang superhero concept work! There's charm in the first week episode of which will start a new chapter tonight.

In the first week run, we meet lovable characters such as the young Juan played by the witty and smart Izzy Canillo.We also meet the loving Father Cito, the viscous clan of Aswangs, Rosario and the comical Ms. Gina Pareno as Lola Belen.

The story is kinda gearing towards some good action, romance and drama! The animation at the beginning gives a good first impression and every scene treated cinematically. It's also shot in HD! Which makes the effect kinda looked bad though but passable because this is a TV series.

All in all, I think we're up to a good start for this series. And I'm afraid I'm hooked!

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