Saturday, February 16, 2013

Philippine Eagle PAGASA Sires an Eaglet!

 Oh Philippine Wildlife! The Philippine Eagle Center is only a few hours away from me as I live in Davao and to hear about this news that Pagasa, the first Philippine eagle bred in captivity, sires his first offspring makes me want to go there and get amazed by a miracle.

When we went to Philippine Eagle last year, I have learned that Philippine eagles are monogamous and they bond for life. And to hear that Pagasa (Hope) and his pair Kalinawan (Peace) has just got their first born makes me feel so happy for them (and for us Filipino) considering they are among the world's most critically endangered species and a national wildlife treasure.

According to Dennis Salvador, the executive director of Philippine Eagle Foundation, the hatching of the bird was one of the most dramatic wait they've ever had.

"This is a triumph for the Philippine Eagle, but there is still a long way to go to for these majestic creatures to grow in number in the wild," Salvador said.

However, more than that, is the more dramatic and very long wait for Pagasa to conceive a child which by the way for around 21 years.The new eaglet is only the 25th hatchling bred in captivity at the center, which has a total of 37 of the Philippine Eagles.

Salvador further shares that it took about 48 hours for the chick to emerge from the shell.

"This underscores the fact that breeding these birds in captivity remains difficult," he said. "We are certainly a long way off in coping with losses in the wild.

While alongside this awesome news is a fact that our forest is decreasing and it will take not only time but great efforts from the Government and every Filipino in conserving and protecting the forest and eventually save these treasured creatures.

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